Salesforce data export

Salesforce Disaster Recovery: What Will Happen Without a Plan?

Does your organization have a Salesforce disaster recovery plan? The majority of organizations don’t, and they also don’t think about having one until they’re suffering from the consequences of data loss. So, what’s the true cost of not having a … Read More

Is Salesforce data export service safe

Is Salesforce Data Export Service Safe?

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely wondering whether or not the data export service through Salesforce is actually safe. The quick answer is yes – it is in fact safe to use the Salesforce export feature. However, there’s more … Read More

Salesforce data export

Salesforce Data Export – The Ultimate Alternative

Salesforce admins and others have been turning to the Salesforce data export feature as a way to backup their data and metadata from Salesforce. This is a semi-manual process and can be time-consuming! In this article we will go through … Read More