salesforce backup strategy

If you use Salesforce CRM, you know that your data lies in the cloud. When you use a cloud solution, although secure, your data is out of your complete control. This leaves all kind of risks on the table when it comes to accidentally deleting data, or losing data. So, what’s the ideal solution and Salesforce backup strategy? We’ll discuss best practices in this article, so you can rest easy at night knowing your data is secure and recoverable.

The Risks of Cloud Solutions and Backup

Losing or accidentally deleting your Salesforce data can be a huge risk. Unknowing employees delete data all the time and this loss is not uncommon. If this happens, yes, you can recover it with services from Salesforce, but with a hefty price tag. This comes at a flat rate of $10,000.00! Unfortunately your metadata won’t be recovered and the data that is recovered will be sent via a csv file.

What's your Salesforce backup strategy?

The costs associated with a data loss are far beyond the $10,000 recovery fee. Lost sales from deleted accounts, missed billings, weeks of employee wages, and much more are all on the line when a data loss occurs. Even if your company successfully recovers the data for the $10,000 fee, it can take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to complete the recovery process! This is why a solid Salesforce backup strategy is paramount to any Salesforce admin’s success.

Unfortunately Salesforce is not able to offer automatic recovery services. In addition, they can’t offer:

      • Long term retention of data
      • Metadata recovery options
      • Automatic data recovery

Choosing the Right Salesforce Backup Strategy for Your Business

So what’s the answer here? We now know some of the risks associated with a cloud solution. It’s important to think about your current Salesforce backup strategy and if one even exists. Our recommendation is bringing your data on-premise into your own data warehouse. There are a few providers that can easily make this happen, and at the fraction of the cost of suffering from a data loss.

Get a Salesforce backup strategy that will set you up for success

Here are some things to consider when searching for a backup partner:

    • Does the vendor offer an on-premise option, or strictly cloud?
    • Does the vendor offer an immediate restore option?
    • Is automated backup and replication scheduling included in the solution?
    • Can this solution easily integrate with my database?
    • Will the vendor have access to my data, or do I own it?

All of these questions should be addressed when seeking an on-premise backup provider.

The #1 Salesforce Backup Solution

Reflection Enterprise is a Salesforce solution that is totally on-premise. The team at Reflection does not have access to your data – you own it. We simply provide the enabling technology for you to rest easy at night, knowing your data is secure on-prem. You’ll have the ability to automate exactly when and how often your replication happens, and easily be able to restore data if the need arises.

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