Is Salesforce data export service safe

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely wondering whether or not the data export service through Salesforce is actually safe. The quick answer is yes – it is in fact safe to use the Salesforce export feature. However, there’s more to the story. The way your hand data after that will determine how “safe” your Salesforce backup strategy is.

Salesforce Data Export Service Has Drawbacks

As we all know, using the Salesforce data export service has its drawbacks. Salesforce isn’t able to provide long term retention of data, metadata recovery, or automatic data recovery. In addition, weekly or monthly manual backups aren’t ideal for every organization. Even then, after you successfully export your data, what’s next? What are you doing with it? Is it going into an on-premise data warehouse, or somewhere else? Hopefully, it isn’t being stored directly on your company laptop!

Salesforce data export service has it's drawbacks

Data Loss or Deletion is Expensive

Data loss or accidental deletion can happen to anyone. Understanding what this means and ways to recover quickly are paramount skills for the Salesforce admin. Accidental data deletion by employees happens every day and can have major consequences for your business. These consequences come in the form of fees to recover your data, labor costs, lost sales, lost billings, and much more. If Salesforce has to recover your data for you, it will come at a high price. The cost is a flat $10,000 and typically takes weeks to restore. Being able to recover your data on your own terms means skipping this huge fee. It also means you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible.

Manual Exports are Time Consuming

Manually exporting your Salesforce data can take time. This manual process allows you to export data from Salesforce to excel. Not only does this take time, but Salesforce fees are high depending on the amount of data and attachments you need them to store. A more efficient way to replicate your data from Salesforce is through automating the Salesforce data export process. This can also save your company a ton of money in data storage fees through Salesforce.

How Do I Keep My Data Safe?

There are many cloud and even on-premise options available to automatically backup your data on any interval you so choose. Going on-premise allows you to have complete control over your data without relying on a cloud provider. We recommend Reflection Enterprise as your on-premise backup and recovery solution. Reflection uses many of the Salesforce data export API to maximize your backup efficiencies without using up all your API limits. Our philosophy is that you should own your data. Reflection is a tool that enables replication directly from Salesforce into your on-premise data warehouse. The best part is you can try it for free today.

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