Cloud Backup for Salesforce

It's more than data - it's a vital piece of your organization's foundation.

As your organization’s Salesforce champion, you know how important Salesforce data is to not only your sales team, but the bottom-line of your business as well. Much of the data housed in Salesforce is completely irreplaceable and critical such as, customer data, prospects & leads, contractual agreements, automation flows, and much more. How can you afford not to back it up?

Reflection offers a cloud backup solution for Salesforce, as well as an on-premises option. Your data can be backed up as often as you like. Whether backing up your Salesforce data is part of a disaster recovery plan, or comprehensive business intelligence initiative, your teams will have the data they need – when they need it. All of your Salesforce objects will be backed up in a secure cloud environment. Just what you’ve been looking for.


Reflection Enterprise Salesforce Backup and Replication

Cloud Backups for Salesforce On-Demand

Take advantage of Reflection's customized replication and backup scheduler. Whether you want a backup every 5 minutes, weekly, monthly, or even yearly - the power is completely in your hands. Perfect for pushing data into business intelligence tools regularly, or a simple disaster recovery measure.

Easily Monitor Your Backup Jobs

Reflection's dashboard allows you to monitor your replication jobs at a glance. View completed and failed jobs easily - plus get email notifications when your jobs have completed. It's never been easier to audit the volume of data you're backing up in one place.

Secure Salesforce Backup
Salesforce backup

Yup, We're API-Friendly

A common question we get asked is how Reflection uses the Salesforce API's. Reflection was built to be optimized as much as possible to friendly API-usage. We use all of the available API's through Salesforce to get as much data as possible - with as little API calls as needed.

Security You Can Depend On

When you use Reflection's cloud backup for Salesforce, we use effective security protocols: - Internal permission controls - Customizable roles - Oauth and Oauth 2 - Data controls and monitoring Contact our team for additional security info or check out FAQ.

Backup for Salesforce

Security Overview

99.99% Uptime

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Private Cloud Instance

SSL Encrypted

Worldwide Data Centers


Why Should You Backup Salesforce?

A disaster recovery plan should be a part of every Salesforce implementation. Accidents happen - we get it. Data loss can happen to anyone, and a simple backup solution will give you the comfort you need to know that your Salesforce data can be restored when you need it most.

The Thought of This Bill Might Give you Chills:

Salesforce charges $10,000 to recover you data in the case of data loss! Not to mention, it can take months for their Data Recovery team to get your data back to you in a .csv file. You'll also have to manually import your recovered data into Salesforce. Sounds like a good way to lose out on time, money, and resources - yikes!

User Pressing Delete on Repeat?:

Accidental deletions is one of the top causes of Salesforce data loss. A few clicks of the delete button and a ton of records and easily be erased from your Salesforce Org. In addition, spiteful employees can cause even more damage by intentionally deleting records. All of this can be easily rectified with a proper backup solution.

3rd Party App Giving You a Panic Attack?:

3rd party apps can occasionally cause issues through editing the wrong records in your Salesforce Org. A few records might not cause any sweat on your brow - but if this happens with thousands or millions of records, the outcome can be catastrophic. Having a backup of your data before you use any 3rd party applications can give you the peace of mind.

Napping While Data Mapping?:

When a user imports data into Salesforce, they will be asked to match up fields. Bulk-updating fields can be handy - but even one mismatched field could cause thousands of records to be incorrect! A recent backup will make correcting these mistakes a breeze.

Ready to Start Backing Up Your Data?

Our Customers Aren't Afraid to Tell Us How They Really Feel

"Best product to Back up your Salesforce Data. Super easy to install, [replicates] at your predetermined interval, highly recommended!"
derrick r testimonial
Derrick R.
Salesforce Developer
"We spent significant time searching for a product that could replicate 100+ of our core Salesforce objects into a MySQL data warehouse so we could do some advanced reporting and analytics, and Reflection is what we ended up selecting. It's simplicity and performance are second to none. Totally recommend it to anyone."
Steve A Testimonial
Steve A.
"We've been using Reflection for more than two years now to replicate multiple orgs back into our SQL domains. Installation is easy, and the set-it-and-forget-it configuration makes it super simple to maintain."
Greg G.
Solution Engineer