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Salesforce Flow and Automation: Visual Workflow

Salesforce Flow (also known a Salesforce Automation) gives you the ability to create a visual representation of a business processes which can be used to drastically reduce the amount of time spent getting information into Salesforce.  Imagine having the ability to take

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Salesforce automation workflows

Salesforce Automation Workflows – How to Set Up

Salesforce automation Workflows help to automate the processes in your organization and can be used to do myriad tasks.  Examples include: updating of fields, sending of alerts to internal users or external individuals, assigning of tasks to users, etc. How Do

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How to Use Cross Filter Reporting in Salesforce

If you have ever had a part in helping your marketing team gather data for promotions, you know that the requests can sometimes be very detailed! From our experiences, we have often been asked from non-profits that sold services to

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dirty salesforce data

The Dirty Salesforce Data Dilemma

Nearly every Salesforce Admin, at one time or another, has been asked “Why do we have so many duplicate records?” or “Why does this phone have 13 numbers?” It’s a case of Dirty Data. Dirty Data is more than a

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