dirty salesforce data

The Dirty Salesforce Data Dilemma

Nearly every Salesforce Admin, at one time or another, has been asked “Why do we have so many duplicate records?” or “Why does this phone have 13 numbers?” It’s a case of Dirty Data. Dirty Data is more than a … Read More

GDPR and Your Salesforce Data – What You Need to Know

As an IT professional, you should be familiar with the new GDPR guidelines that were recently released. The GDPR covers new data rights assigned to European consumers and outlines how companies should go about their data inventory processes and data … Read More

replicate salesforce to mysql

How To Replicate Salesforce to MySQL

Creating a copy of all your Salesforce data into your MySQL database is simple and straightforward. MySQL is one of the most popular open-source databases and is fully supported by Reflection Enterprise.                 … Read More

Salesforce On Premise

Is There a Salesforce On Premise Solution?

We’ve seen this question pop up frequently within the Salesforce community: “Is there a Salesforce backup on premise solution?” Unfortunately for some, Salesforce is completely SaaS based as a cloud offering. This may turn some companies away who do not … Read More

Salesforce Weekly Export

Salesforce Weekly Export – Your Data Might Not Be Secure

Backing up your data is part of any good disaster recovery strategy. Losing your Salesforce data is a real threat, and there is no worse feeling than when you find your stomach in your throat while looking at data that … Read More