Ever heard a horror story about data loss? Many of us have heard the tales and seen the headaches that it can cause. However, most professionals don’t understand the real threat of data loss and what to do to prevent it. Why? Unfortunately, the myths surrounding data loss can lead teams to believe that their data is safe, when it truly isn’t. Want to learn more about the myths surrounding data loss? In this post, we’ll cover five myths about data loss that are hurting your business. 


Data loss is uncommon in this day and age


 Data loss is a common problem. According to Iron Mountain, data loss is up 400% since 2012. This is an on-going issue for companies all over the world. However, it seems that the number of organizations adopting a backup solution isn’t rising to meet the issue. (More on this below).

 It can be easy to think that because technology has come so far, that data loss is less of a risk today. This belief simply isn’t true and this myth leaves companies in a vulnerable position. 


Most teams have systems in place to completely prevent data loss 


The number of organizations that actually have a data loss prevention plan in place is alarmingly low. In fact, up to 83% of organizations don’t have a backup plan to protect themselves from data loss. If members of your team can’t confidently point to a backup plan or solution, your organization is likely not protected against the threats of data loss. 

This myth is especially dangerous, because professionals working in organizations believe that they’re protected. Then, when data loss does strike, the blow is even more devastating. Making sure that your organization has the systems and strategies in place to prevent data loss before it happens is key. 


The backup solution your service offers is enough


 In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Salesforce is the perfect company to look at in this scenario. Even though they do offer backup and recovery services, Salesforce itself actually recommends the use of a third-party backup and recovery solution. Even if the service you’re using does offer backup and recovery, you should invest in your own data loss prevention plan. 

Whether you choose an on-premise solution, a cloud solution or both, it’s important to take control over your data. This way, you don’t have to rely on the lacking and often expensive options that the services you use might provide themselves.


Data loss prevention strategies should focus on cybercrime


 First things first, cybercrime is a serious issue that impacts many businesses. However, most data loss incidents that occur are not the result of cybercrime. More often than not, deletion, corruption and other issues are accidental. This means that organizations shouldn’t focus all their attention outward when trying to prevent data loss. 

According to data in a report published by PC World, 75% of data loss occurs due to human error. So, if someone on your team does make a mistake, they aren’t alone. Having a backup strategy in place gives everyone in the organization peace of mind. It also prevents them from making mistakes that could impact multiple different parts of their organization. 


Backup and recovery solutions cost too much

 What’s “too much” for any organization is determined on a case to case basis. However, what is true is that data loss can cost your business far more than any backup and recovery solution would. For example, plans for Reflection Entreprise start at $200 a month. In comparison, your business could lose thousands of dollars if data loss occurs. Backup and recovery solutions more than pay for themselves in the event of data loss. 


You may think that sounds extreme, but many organizations have felt the sting of the financial loss that comes with data loss. The recovery service that Salesforce offers costs $10,000. The worst part is, that’s just the beginning. Recovering the data is just one of the costs involved. Beyond that, you have to consider the fact that overall productivity will go down until this issue is resolved, and your team is also likely to lose sales in the meantime. 


Next Steps: Preventing Data Loss 


The bottom line is that if your business doesn’t have a Salesforce backup plan in place, you need one. These myths mask the dangers of data loss, but we hope that this post has shown you how much this kind of loss can cost your business. The good news is that finding a solution isn’t as difficult as it may seem. 

Ready to get a data loss prevention strategy in place? We’re here to help. Our solution, Reflection Entreprise is a next-generation Salesforce data backup and recovery solution that lets you execute on-premise or cloud backup, replication, restoration, and integration of Salesforce data all in one platform. You can start a free trial today or schedule a demo with our team by clicking here


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