Salesforce is one of the most popular business tools in the world. While it’s transformed the way that organizations work, most businesses can get even more out of Salesforce. Using third-party applications allows you to customize Salesforce, get the features you need and empower your team to be more productive. Curious about how third-party apps can extend the functionality of Salesforce? We’ve compiled a list of some great apps you should consider to take Salesforce to the next level and supercharge your business. Keep reading to discover 11 awesome Salesforce apps for business. 

Salesforce CRM Dashboards

This one is a no brainer for businesses who want to get more out of Salesforce fast. Salesforce CRM Dashboards is a free app full of reporting tools for marketing, sales and services teams. This is great for organizations that want greater visibility into their efforts and don’t have the time or resources to start from scratch.

10 Simple & Useful Reports to Know Your Customers Better 

The name of this application tells you everything you need to know. (When they said simple, they weren’t kidding)! 10 Simple & Useful Reports to Know Your Customers Better gives you the inside scoop on your customers by giving you the answers to common questions you may have about your customers. This can quickly empower your team with more meaningful customer data they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. For businesses with tons of customers to manage, this app can help you better understand your customers’ needs without investing tons of extra time. It comes directly from Salesforce Labs and it’s free to use.

Salesforce Chatter

Do you wish that it was easier for departments like marketing, commerce, and sales to communicate? Salesforce Chatter can make that a reality. It gives teams across all departments a single view of each customer to keep everyone on the same page. Since this app comes from Salesforce, your admin can find tons of resources on how to use chatter and how it can fit into your business. 

If you want to know more about this application, you can check out our post on Salesforce Chatter here.


OrgChartPlus is an easy to use app that creates charts to help you align the right people in your business to your customers and stakeholders. This also helps you create a single version of the truth and gain more insight into your customer relationships without digging through mountains of data.


Do you ever feel bogged down by little tasks that seem to make a big chunk of your day disappear? If so, you need Zapier. The Zapier platform can connect hundreds of popular apps to Salesforce to automate some of your business tasks to save your team time. Admins can get started with Zapier’s free plan, and choose to upgrade as they find ways to connect more apps.

Cirrus Insight 

Most people spend hours each week in their inbox. If you want to make that time more productive, this application can help. Cirrus Insight can help you get Salesforce in sync with your inbox. It also works with many email providers and allows you to view important Salesforce data from your inbox. This is a perfect match for employees who spend a lot of time managing emails or teams who can perform better with access to all data in one place.


Many teams are already using Slack to communicate with their teams. Did you know you can also use it with Salesforce? You can supercharge Slack by integrating it with Salesforce by linking it to your Slack channels. This allows users to communicate instantly between Slack and Salesforce Chatter. Using the Slack app from Salesforce, you can also enter the /chatter command in Slack to send updates to Chatter or enter /slack in Chatter to send updates back to Slack.


Location is becoming more and more important for marketing. MapAnything brings location to Salesforce allowing you to manage locations, map and add routes. If location is a critical factor in your business, you need MapAnything. Using this application, you can leverage your location data to maximize the productivity of your sales team, drive more revenue and boost customer satisfaction. 


Ever wish you could streamline project management? TaskRay is a project management solution that makes it simple to plan and report work so that teams can focus on what’s important – getting work done. TaskRay is designed to help you build work processes and can also help your team execute your business-critical tasks. You can also streamline the customer onboarding process with TaskRay. The application has built-in best practices, making it simple to handoff customers between your marketing and sales teams. Together, these features can put your organization on the fast track to increasing productivity and improving customer success.


PandaDoc can help your sales team create and close deals faster. With this app, you can track, send and sign documents in a single app that’s integrated with Salesforce. You can also create documents with customizable templates to fit your business needs. This speeds up processes across your organization and empowers your team to get things done. In a world of digital documents, PandaDoc makes managing paperwork easier than ever before. 

Reflection Entreprise

If your organization uses Salesforce, you know how important Salesforce data is. Are you protecting this data? If not, your organization could feel the damage of data loss. Reflection Enterprise is a next-generation Salesforce data backup and recovery solution that lets you execute on-premise or cloud backup, replication, restoration, and integration of Salesforce data all in one platform so your sales team never misses a beat.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that using third party applications is a great way to get more out of your Salesforce investment. The apps we listed here are some of the best Salesforce apps for business but there are many options for you to choose from. Which Salesforce apps are most useful for your organization? Let us know by leaving a comment below. If you want to see what Reflection Enterprise can do for your organization, you can go here to request a demo or start a free trial now.

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