The Ultimate Salesforce Backup, Recovery, and Replication Tool

Reflection Enterprise is a next-generation Salesforce data backup and recovery solution that lets you execute on-premise or cloud backup, replication, restoration, and integration of Salesforce data all in one platform so your sales team never misses a beat.

Replicate BI Integration Backup and Recovery Migration Sandbox Seeding

Reflection Enterprise is Optimized for All Your Salesforce Backup Needs

Reflection Enterprise was developed in 2007 by our team of Salesforce product specialists, and growing ever since. This Salesforce backup tool is used by Salesforce Admins and IT professionals (like you) who are serious about their backup and disaster recovery plans. Reflection Enterprise enables these individuals through powerful backup features and visualizations to empower your disaster recovery strategy.

Reflection offers a cloud-hosted option, or an on-premises option.

Salesforce Backup data visualizations
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Backup and Recovery

Lightning-fast, bullet-proof data backup and recovery

Backup and recover your data when you need it, and customize the way you want it stored. Reflection Enterprise offers complete disaster recovery capabilities for your Salesforce data.

  • Push your Salesforce data back into Salesforce when the need arises.
  • Select records from your local database and restore them to your Salesforce Org on a per-table basis.

BI Integration

Graphs and charts make understanding trends in your Salesforce data completely visible.

Deliver analytics to your entire organization for free. With Reflection’s data replication capabilities, you can pull all your Salesforce data into your local database and utilize open source business intelligence tools to distribute reports and dashboards to all team members without the need for additional Salesforce Licensing.

  • No extra costs to integrate your BI tools
  • Full data access and dashboards for all of your team members
  • No additional Salesforce licensing needed
Salesforce Backup and BI Integration Feature
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Reflection Enterprise Salesforce Data Backup
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Replicate to MySQL or SQLServer

Bare metal to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Reflection Enterprise leverages both the Salesforce Bulk and SOAP APIs to load your data fast—really fast! And the performance doesn’t stop there. Reflection also uses high-performance, bulk copy and merge operations supported within the relational database management system.

  • Have lots of data to backup? No problem. We’re enterprise-grade.
  • Replicate binary file attachments into your local database or configure an Amazon S3 storage solution.
  • Schedule replications based on any time interval.

Features on the Road Map

Salesforce Data Migration

Migrate your Salesforce data to Sandboxes or other systems
Load real data into your Salesforce Sandboxes with Reflection’s Migration feature. Do not pay for expensive full or partial copy sandboxes when you can utilize Reflection’s migration to populate real data into free developer sandboxes.
salesforce data restoration
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Reflection offers Salesforce sandbox seeding
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Sandbox Seeding

Why pay for seeding when you can get it for free?

Reflection Enterprise offers free sandbox seeding.

  • Equal to a production-level Sandbox on Salesforce.
  • Complete control of backups and storage requirements.
  • Enjoy total flexibility in scheduling. Seed only the data you select from your Salesforce Org.

Flexible Pricing for Any Sized Business

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